We Need Your Help

In this first release of GainSet we have provided equipment definitions for most popular mixing consoles and power amplifiers that are currently shipping. We know there is a lot of equipment out there that we didn't get to or isn't currently being manufactured. Please follow the instructions below to submit your equipment information to be included in GainSet.

Submitting Mixing Consoles and Signal Processing:

To submit your mixing console or signal processing device, locate the maximum output level in your manual's spec sheet. Send us and email with the name of the manufacturer, the model number, and the maximum output level (usually in dBu). We will add it to our database and include it in the next update to GainSet.

Submitting Power Amplifiers and Self-Powered Loudspeakers:

To have your power amplifier included in GainSet you need to locate the maximum input level, and a picture of the gain knob. If the gain knob doesn't have any markings on it to indicate the attenuation levels, please locate that information in your manual. There should be some information in the manual that states the number of detents on the knob and the level of attenuation for each detent. When you've got all that information, email us and we'll add it to the database and include it in our next update.


Please make sure the information you submit is correct. We want GainSet to be a useful, trustworthy tool and that will only happen if the data included is correct. Whenever possible, please provide in your submission some way to verify your information.

  • A link to the web page for the equipment where the info is listed
  • Attach a pdf file of the pages in the manual where the information is listed.
  • Or any other way you can think of that will help us double-check your information.

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